Santa Barbara Waterfront

Created by GMG Design, this website strives to include all business, organizations, and activities of the entire waterfront in Santa Barbara, California.  

2023-present has evolved over the years from a pure HTML site to a content management system utilizing several diverse integrated systems to provide resources to the merchants.  Continuous improvements with network, bandwidth, and provided server management enhances the support for the client.


One of the most diverse and COVID compliant groups today. 


Logo creation and website foundation and support provided for the Santa Barbara Waterfront Department.   This fun festival has grown over the years and continues to grow in popularity.


Supporting local talent is what we love to do.  For Barbara Janelle, we strived to keep all of her original art work and layout to her specifications.    Having the resources for flexibility is what we can do.


Supporting local talent is what we love to do.  For Hidden Wings School in Solvang, we support not only the Website, but we also support the school lab equipment, servers, office equipment, and other miscellaneous tech needs.   We often share tools, resources, and knowledge.    Hidden Wings school is a hidden gem among those who it serves.


 The clients above are some of who we have helped in the years past.  Some may not want to be mentioned on this website and we respect their privacy.